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Our Story


My first exposure to 'baking' was my mother making some attempts to do so when I was young. Unfortunately her cakes usually turned into a "kueh" version of what was meant to be... I was confused. I didn't understand how things could go wrong as long as you followed a fixed recipe.

As a curious teenager, I started trying out recipes to bake on my own to much success! From then on, I started baking for my family almost all too often - partly due to interest, partly as an excuse to hone my skills. My interest soon developed into a deeper passion for baking, and I knew that this would become a lifelong pursuit. I then made the decision to turn this into a profession.

After graduating from pastry school, I joined the hotel pastry industry. I worked hard for many years in the kitchen and learnt as much as I could. But I started to feel restless. I needed to bake cakes that I could call my own based on my own recipes; that I knew were genuine quality products which reflected my love and passion for baking. I needed to share my original cakes & baked goods with others. I knew that any joy that my creations could bring to others, would also be my greatest satisfaction.

The Batter Affair was thus born in 2017. It has been a challenging journey to say the least, but the rewards boundless and immeasurable. 

Every recipe that we use has been tried and tested countless times for perfection. Every cake is baked to order to ensure freshness, and only top quality ingredients used to bring out the best flavours.


Here at The Batter Affair, We Create. I hope you enjoy our cakes!

- Wei Li, Pastry Chef

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