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Our Creations


Diabetic? Eggless Cake? We take Special Requests!

Just let us know if you need a diabetic or eggless cake, or have any other special requests! Rest assured that the quality and flavour of your cake will not be compromised!


Want a 'Taller' or 'Shorter' Cake? We got it!

The cakes featured on our website are based on past orders - but we've got you covered if you want to make any changes in height between standard (6 cm); 1-tier; and 2-tier. For tiered cakes, height can be adjusted based on the design of your choice!


Personalise your Cake of Choice!

Has one of the cakes on our website caught your eye, but you want a different shape, colour, or decoration? We will be more than happy to personalise your cake and make adjustments to your liking!


We LOVE Custom Orders!

Is there a unique cake of your heart's desire that has been lingering on your mind? Or do you need an order of our freshly baked cakes for specific purposes? Let us assist you to turn your imagination or even detailed drawings into reality; and advise you on cake designs/ flavours, dessert tables or any other orders based on your requirements! We LOVE Customised cakes - let out the creative genius in you (and us)!


Standard Cakes


Floral Cakes


Gifts & Small Bites


Textured Cakes


Theme Cakes


Dessert Tables

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